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How to Write a Resume With No Work Experience? If you are a fresher that about to write your first resume which hasn’t any work experience yet? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this situation.

Although having sufficient experience is definitely a benefit when assembling an eye-catching resume, the lack of such experience does not mean that it is not possible to provide an excellent resume and successfully land a reasonable and satisfying job.

A Resume with No Work Experience

The dilemma!

Job seekers who are facing the challenge of writing a resume with no work experience are many, as many young talents are quite desperate to land their first job which will give them the chance to make their mark on the job market.

Unfortunately, many companies prefer candidates with two or more years of experience than freshers, which minimize opportunities for fresh talents.

Because of this policy, young people feel that they are between the devil and the deep blue sea with no way out. They have to find a job first in order to gain experience, but because of the lack of such experience they are often overlooked, and such vacant positions are given to applicants with proven track records.

So, in order to successfully pass this dilemma, you need to act smart while writing your first resume, How? That is what we are going to answer!

What to Consider?

The Resume Summary Statements 

Summary Statement is where you state your primary objectives, and you inform the employer exactly what you would like to achieve once you obtain employment.

Many applicants no longer include these statements, but a comprehensive research will quickly show that it is a sound strategy which can help individuals to overcome the no experience hurdle.

Normally, people focus on the value which they can provide to a company which is a fine approach when you have lots of experience. The purpose of a resume statement is to tell the interviewer who you are in a few short sentences at the top of the page.

So, starting your resume with strong summary statements that are enticing enough to ensure that the recruiting manager continues to read the resume can be deferential for a resume with no work experience.

The Resume Format

The resume format is another factor which is just as important as the resume statement when you are writing a resume with no work experience.

Several resume formats are in use; the functional format, the chronological format, and the hybrid format.

Which one to use?

The chronological format states the experience of the applicant in reverse and it focusses on highlighting the candidate’s achievements and skills more.

This is why some candidates will go for this option. Once you decide on a format option, stick with that format throughout the resume.

Volunteering Experience and Internships

When you lack experience for a certain job, never forget volunteer jobs and internships which you have done in the past, it could also be used in your resume. They may not be as effective as the professional experience in that field or industry, but they still provide the interviewer with your potentials.

It can give you the appropriate kick to make you stand out of other freshers applying for the same job role. It also helps if you have received recommendations for that voluntary work which you have done.

Finally, while you are writing your first resume, we advice you to…

  • Focus on your education, qualifications, and skills, those are the meat and potatoes in a resume with no work experience.
  • Try to pick a resume template that looks attractive in a professional way, that will help you a lot.
  • Highlight skills and qualifications that relate more to the job posting you are applying for.
  • Keep it short, as it is your first resume, you won’t have a lot of information to tell. So, a one-page resume could be perfect for you.
  • Take care with the technical details, it describes what you are capable of doing technically.
  • Proofread your resume from a printed copy. Make absolutely sure that it is error free with no spelling or grammatical errors which will be interpreted as unprofessional.
  • Write a persuasive cover letter, it is a big chance for you to convince the employer that you are an entry-level potential candidate.
  • Seek professional assistance where necessary; because doing so can seriously increase your chances of landing that first job.

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