Ten Best Paying Jobs for College Students

As your stay in college progresses, you realize that life as a student is more than just a struggle to acquire top grades and tender your projects on time. That’s right, there will be times when you’ll need to pay some college dues and acquire tools for an assignment or project, and there are also going to be days when you feel the urge to treat yourself.

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Top 6 Tips to Ace Your Job Interview

1) Showcase your in-person communication skills

The key to success in a face-to-face interview is communication. Employers will be looking for how well you answer their questions and how you communicate your response. It is important to speak clearly and stay on topic. You should also show that you are enthusiastic about the job role by sounding upbeat and keen.   read more ➝

Tips To Motivate Workers

As a manager, to get the best performance from your team, you need to know how to motivate workers. Motivation can be seen as a challenging process, especially if you’re a manager who has enough authority to give commands! So, why bother yourself with all these theories dissecting motivation from different prospects as diverse as they come.

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