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Recently; most institutions have tended to conduct job interviews remotely using online video call applications like Skype. The sure thing is that the coronavirus pandemic caused a sudden increase in these types of job interviews; whether for remote jobs or permanent jobs that require attendance.

However; we’re going to discuss the proper way to pass remote job interviews providing necessary tips to help you ace these types of job interviews.

Remote Job Interviews

Generally; a job interview is meant for employers to ask several questions in order to assess whether an applicant should be hired or not. A remote job interview involves many procedures as in face-to-face interviews, such as the presence of the employee and the recruiter in appropriate uniforms and a set of various questions will be asked.

So, the main difference between face-to-face job interviews and remote job interviews is the way different parties attend the interview, and how they communicate.

Types of Remote Job Interviews

There are two main types of remote job interviews:

1) Video Call Remote Job Interview

Video Call Remote Job Interviews are the most common type of remote job interviews. Both parties must have a proper device like a laptop or a smartphone to conduct the interview (Laptop is a better option).

The device must have the necessary application to be able to access the interview on time. Normally; a representative for the employer will contact the applicant whether using a phone call or by sending an email to discuss the best time to make that video call and the required application for the task – like Skype, Zoom, Google Duo, or else.

2) Recorded Video Remote Job Interview

Recorded Video Clips are another type to conduct a remote job interview. It is rare but there are employers who still prefer this type to interview candidates remotely. Sure it is much easier for you as an employee to be interviewed using this type; as you’ll have enough time to be at your best in the recorded video you’ll send avoiding mistakes that could happen during a normal video call.

How to Ace a Remote Job Interview?

These are a bunch of tips you should follow while you’re preparing yourself for a remote job interview. 

1) Prepare Devices and Communication Tools

You must prepare the device you’ll use during the job interview. Make sure that the necessary application is installed correctly and working properly. Also, make sure that the internet connection is in good condition with enough internet speed. Make a video call test!

It is always a good idea to create a backup plan; by preparing backups for the device (another device with the video call application installed on it) and the internet connection (an alternate internet connection ready to be used) to put yourself in a safer position. 

2) Practice a Remote Interview with a Friend

If this was your first remote job interview, practicing it with a friend will be a good idea. Let him/her ask you several interview questions and practice answering them the right way.

This test must be recorded to be watched later. try to assess yourself; how you look, the proper speed for you to talk, check the camera angle, voice level. Practice this many times before the real interview.

3) Choose a Quiet Place for the Interview

During this video call test, you’ll have the chance to choose the best place for you to stay when you conduct the real remote interview. If this place is within your household; it is better to be quiet as possible, and free from any form of distraction like family members, kids, pets, etc.

Also, you need to choose the best possible light, a ring light is a very good option, but if you don’t have a ring light, then daylight will be good enough.

4) Choose a Suitable Seat and Table

Choose a seat that makes you feel comfortable, as you’ll set on it for much time during the interview. Also, the table must be of proper height. Make use of being in your household and don’t waste it.

5) Wear Proper Uniform

Don’t think that because it is a remote interview, you don’t have to wear a proper uniform. It is a must just like any other face-to-face interview.

6) Focus on the Camera and Wear a Headset

Always try to focus on the camera as it is your employer’s eyes. Also wear a headset; it will disconnect you from any surroundings, and this will help you give full attention to the interviewer during the interview.

7) Consider Timing Differences

You must check timing differences between you and the interviewer whether he/she is being in a different state or country.  We suggest  World Time Buddy to use to check the time zone and adjust the differences.

These were the main tips you need to follow to ace your online job interview, but don’t forget that there are basics you need to read prior to conducting a job interview in general whether it was remote or face-to-face.

So, you must read about Tips on How to Pass a Job Interview Successfully to be fully prepared to ace your next remote job interview.

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