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Do you want to start a career working abroad, but you are not sure whether it is the right choice for you, or not? Well, read these useful eight tips to help you decide.

1) Do You Want To Broaden Your Horizon? Go Abroad!

The number one draw to working abroad is to broaden the horizon. Working abroad allows you to integrate into a new foreign culture, make new friends, and accrue new working experiences in new environments.

Working abroad will also open your eyes to some of the cultural traditions that you typically take for granted. For instance, you will start to appreciate the simple things from home, including how you eat, how you show affection, and how you behave in public.

Such an experience will improve your flexibility, adaptability, and even communication skills. Knowledge of a new culture will open your eyes to your values relative to other people’s values. It will show improve your broader understanding of what is right and bad and how to balance between the two.

Ultimately, this will help you live a fulfilling life owing to the in-depth understanding of yourself.

2) Are You Interested In Improving Your Confidence or Strengthen Your Personality? Go Abroad!

Working abroad will ultimately build up your stress resistance and improve your ability and capacity to solve problems by thinking out of the box. Since you do not know how to handle the vast majority of things that encounter when you live in a foreign country, you will have to solve a lot of problems along the way.

For instance, you will have to deal with small issues such as searching for housing, opening a bank account as well as some problematic issues such as dealing with xenophobia. This approach will make you stronger and more confident in your ability to solve problems within a short time frame.

3) Want To Live An Exciting Life? Go Abroad!

Living and working abroad makes for exciting times. You can choose an exotic destination such as the Sahara or Antarctic or go for unusual experiences such as exoskeleton robotics, life extension, or space travel.

In a nutshell, you will create great life long memories.

4) Want To Learn Something Only Available Abroad? Well, Go Abroad!

If you want to gain experience in Antarctic marine biology, tropical diseases, or development planning in the Sahara, you should go and work there. There is no substitute for going to these destinations and working there. You will gain a lot on both the professional and personal level.

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5) Do You Want To Improve Your English? Go Abroad!

English holds the mantle as the international language of science. As such, if you want to improve your communications skills with the English language in mind; interacting over The Internet won’t be enough, you should move to an English speaking country such as the US, UK, Australia, or the Philippines.

While you might conduct research in other countries, the fact of the matter is, your English language will not improve. In fact, in some instances, it may deteriorate as every will speaking ‘international English’, which is simply a polite way of saying bad English.

In the same light, if you are interested in learning French, living, and working in a French-speaking country is a huge benefit for your language development.

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6) Are You Interested In Broadening Your International Network? Go Abroad!

Regardless of the career path you choose, it is always advantageous to have a substantial international network. When you work abroad, not only will you get to interact with the locals, you will also meet other foreigners who have similar motivations and experiences working with you.

At the end of your working experience, you will leave contacts from several countries.

7) Do you Have Aspirations TO Become A Professor? Move Abroad!

If your life long goal is to become a professor, it is now almost obligatory to work abroad. You can read more about how to become a professor. The vast majority of research institutions value international experience quite a lot.

A scientist who has worked internationally and experienced a different culture in other labs, different cultural challenges, a wide variety of leadership styles, and experienced challenges that come with working abroad tend to develop a broader view on science and a deeper understanding of cultural differences that would overwhelm other researchers.

As such, you hone your leadership skills and become a better overall researcher. Read this blog from Orion about the future of life science and how you can future-proof your career

Numerous prestigious universities mandate they are your professors to be able to okay traveling internationally. Additionally, they require their candidates to have international research experiences.

8) Finally, Do You Want To Work For An International Institution? Go Abroad

This is fairly obvious. If you are interested in working with international institutions or organizations, whether it is the European Commission, the World Bank, or any other international organization, you should expect and be willing to have international duties to attend to it.

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