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How to write a killer Resume


How to write a killer Resume ? One of the things to consider when finding your dream job.  Resume plays an essential role in finding your dream job. A good resume elevates your skills and experiences and makes it recognized and appreciated, while a poorly written resume can spoil your job search no matter how experienced and dedicated you are.

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A thoroughly professional profile is the need of the hour. Due to the global recession, people are frequently losing their jobs. The job market is dull, and the competition is very high.
Moreover, putting a little effort into the customization of your resume to the company you are applying to, will make the employer feel like your resume was for him/her. Which will give you a priority when they start reaching out candidates for interviews.

Five tips on how to write a killer resume

There are no particular rules or exact formats you should stick to when it is about writing a good resume, your resume must be in tune with the definite job, which you are applying for.
Moreover, it must be to the point, clear and stand out from the bunch of other resumes. Below are the top five tips to help you write that “killer resume” to get you noticed (in a GOOD way!):

1- Make an excellent first impression

Writing a resume is not easy and cannot be done overnight. As it needs careful analysis, compilation and updated information. It should be able to impress the reader/interviewer in the first attempt. It is said that “the First Impression is the last impression” and Resume plays a pivotal role in creating a long-lasting impression as far as the professional corporate world is concerned.

2- Start with all the information

You have to make sure that you have all the information at hand when you start writing the resume. It is important not to include unnecessary information/data in the resume. It should be concise and to the point. The presentation should be such that you don’t reveal everything and at the same time, you don’t hide everything. It is like showing few cards on hand and keeping few close to you.

3- Abilities and Benefits

Your resume has to stress out not only your skills and characteristics, but also what benefits you can bring to the company. Most of times, previous performances are useful pointers to future achievements, so mention the most important accomplishments you had on the previous jobs, including dates and quantity examples (you raised sales with 100%, you upgraded a process or product).

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4- The resume has to be as simple as possible

Employers want clear resumes, especially sections like Professional experience and Abilities mandatory for the job. Make sure it stands out that you have the necessary experience and professional knowledge for the job you are applying for, and avoid grandiose language in their description. You can find inspiration the description and requirements of the job you are applying for. Your resume must contain employment dates for previous jobs.

5- Revise and Polish

Once the resume is constructed, it is necessary to review it and compare it with few other effective resumes to ensure that no useful information is missing. Also, it must be checked that the resume is well-structured and flow of information is systematic. It is also advisable to get the resume reviewed by a third person to get his/her point of view on it. Once the resume is ready, you have to go through it as many times as possible so that you are comfortable with every word in the resume.

Smart resume writing will dramatically increase your chances of success and set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Intelligent job seekers know that a well-crafted resume is their best first chance to get a foot in the door.

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