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How To Get Hired After A Career Break

If you have taken a break from your career, it can be challenging to get back into the workforce. Whether it is a long or short period, you may see this gap as an obstacle in your career progression, while it would be a hard task to fill in the gaps in your resume. If you find yourself in this situation, these are five tips you can use to make this easier.

1) Evaluate The Situation

A lot of people make the mistake of taking the first job they find. If you are not sure about a job, the interviewer will see that you are uncertain. This feeling of uncertainty will likely impact the hiring process in a negative way, and you are more unlikely to be taken further.

Additionally, if you secure a job that does not suit you, you could find yourself hopping from a job role to another. For such cases, you need to take the time to decide what you want to do and the overall situation. You need to open your mind and determine what is right for you after the break you have taken. A job that you did before the break may not be best for you after the break.

2) Include A Career Break in Your Updated Resume

As we know, career breaks for mums can be challenging. A lot of people believe that a gap in a CV can negatively affect their chances of getting a job. This way of thinking needs to change, and instead of seeing it as something terrible, you should turn it into a positive that differentiates you.

If you were on a career break for a while, you should not hide it. Breaks can be a reason for a lot of benefits, even if they are not helping in your job search. It can give you a chance to step back and give your career a deeper evaluation, which can lead to better decisions.

During your break, you also need to develop new skills, and you should outline this by relating the skills to the job you are applying for it. An example of this is getting a diploma in new technology while on the break. Another example is volunteering during the break that provided you with leadership skills. If you traveled while on break, this could give you a confidence boost that helps you get a job.

3) About Network!

When you look for a job after a career break, you should not forget to use the network of people you already know. Take the time to reach out to past coworkers, friends, and family. You should inform them that you are on a job hunt. Your network might know about the perfect job for you. So, they can help you to get the right direction.

4) Prepare For Your Interview

Before you head to an interview, you need to get prepared for this interview with some proper answers about the break you have taken. You will generally be asked about the gap in your career, and what you have done in that time. You need to be honest while answering this question!

You need to be clear about what you did and why you decided that a career break was the right thing for you. You can tailor the answer to prove how your break can be useful for the role you are applying for.

When preparing your responses, you could think about the concerns your interviewer might have. Whether you are ready to resume your career or not, and you will have to explain why you have decided to re-join the workforce. You should emphasize your drive, passing, and focus at this time.

5) Returner Programs!

While you should look at job boards for open positions, you should also look at returner programs. These programs can take several weeks while it is specially focused on people returning to work after a break. These programs do not care what was the reason lead to the break; it will help you readjust to being back at work.

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