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To become A Leader is to hold a dominant position among other employees. As you are the one in charge to order and others follow. WAIT, it’s not!

It is an inspirational role as it depends mainly on your abilities to inspire others convincing them to follow you. I admit that the one has that spark and charisma find fewer obstacles to lead. But without having these qualities that every true leader must have, he may (how much appeal he got) lose it all at once.

What are The Qualities of a Good Leader?

You ask yourself; What Makes a Good Leader?

I’ll answer you, but first I want to tell you a fact that all other rules are depending on it, which is “The One Who Succeeds is The One Who Listens and Applies“, so I want you to give these rules a proper thinking time, maybe (just 5 min) are enough for you to make use of it.

Now let’s go directly to state those essential qualities that a true leader should have

Try YOUR BEST to be that Role Model

As you need to be “The First Follower” to your orders. You always should be there in the very first line. You can’t punish a staff member for being late to work while you are not following that rule by yourself. That’s how things run.

Meet with Staff regularly

Try to be always in direct contact with your employees. It works when it runs on a weekly or monthly basis. That helps a lot to make them feel that you are one of them, being a good listener; caring for their problems and trying to give a hand when that is needed.

Disclose Important Information to Your Employees

It is important to give information when that is needed, and won’t conflict with the policies of the firm or institution you are working for it. As sometimes, it is a good idea to share with your employees how good the work is running or to discuss a specific topic that could have an impact on the firm. We are all in the same Boat!

Criticize without Causing Offence

Sometimes you’ll face a situation where an employee messed up, Now what?

The first thing you must follow is to avoid blaming him/her in front of others, you may feel that you have enough power to do so, but you may turn that person in a time of seconds from someone full of potential to just “remains of the wreck.”

So, try to make this conversation private, and then do what you see as a necessary up to the situation, but don’t overreact to a small mistake, it is always better to ignore these minor mistakes to maintain your credibilities for the bigger ones.

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Be Versatile – You Need a Full Range of Methods

As a leader, you need to be versatile to be capable of dealing with different people with different characters. You’ll find that trying to motivate a young talented employee differs from what it takes to give the drive for an experienced one. Everyone has his/her characteristics which will need from you a complete range of methods to reach the results that you are hoping for it.

Delegate Power and Give Trust

So, when you reach that level of leadership, you have to accept the fact that other employees will not fulfill work as if you were doing it on your own hands. That doesn’t mean it will lower the work efficiency. On the contrary, it can be better. Just if you gave enough amount of trust.

Yeah, that young employee can finish the work better than you, but you need to support him to see such results, as doubting his abilities will lead both of you to a dead end.

Appreciate Your Employees “Hard Work”

This point can give you what you need to get the full potential of your employees. It is a fact that employee appreciation pays off. ِTimejobs did ِa poll states that 30% of employees see that lack of recognition is the main factor that can reduce their productivity in work.

When an employee feels the appreciation from you as his/her Boss, you’ll surprise by the outcome that you may get. In cases, the employee would work for late hours without even asking for overtime!

Humility is Crucial to a Real Success

I love to talk about this part. Just a simple act of humility can give you a significant boost as a leader. It could be crucial for a leader to take a paper to photocopy it by himself, or to go to an employee to deliver him/her a document. Others expect from you to give orders.  So, doing such things will improve the work environment around you in a positive way.

Be a Coach Not a Boss

Avoid being that person who loves to give orders, but try to direct others actions by being a leader, In other words, try to be a coach. Give employees a feeling that you are a team member. You may know more, but you don’t know it all!

You also need to remove barriers between you and others. Make them feel comfortable to come to you discussing their problems and needs.

Take Notes and Discuss Before Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is meant to evaluate employees performance throughout a year. You must make use of this to emphasize them to give their best at work.

If you see someone isn’t doing OK, try to notify him/her by all means. Set and discuss to resolve this kind of situations. Take notes throughout the year to avoid misjudging at the end of the year.

When you decide to degrade an employee, you need to meet with him/her to talk about the reasons behind that evaluation and to put an appropriate plan to improve that performance.

Encourage Staff to think out loud

Yeah, thoughts are a real treasure; you need to seize before it is too late. Encouraging your employees to talk about their ideas with no fear can give you outbox solutions for complicated situations.

This kind of act can kick a firm up high among other firms; You don’t know the power of ONE THOUGHT.


Finally, I hope that you give yourself enough time to think about these qualities and take your notes, as having it no doubt will make you a real leader. So, consider it.

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